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This Job We Have is About So Much More Than Just Selling Houses

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say 2011 cannot be done soon enough.

life journey

What I thought was going to be my "turnaround year," actually ended up being days and months trickling with doubt, anxiety, and fear. I look back and wonder how I got through it knowing full well the hardships aren't over yet. I woke up this morning feeling like someone was sitting on my chest -- when will the worrying end? I've asked myself before and ask again if it is time to give up this career and take a 9-5 job I may not really enjoy but that provides a steady paycheck and health insurance.

Fast forward a couple of hours, and I'm standing in front of the frozen hash brown potato case at the grocery store. As I try to manipulate my cart so another shopper can get by me, I turn to see a past customer looking back at me. I think she was as surprised to see me as I her, and after exchanging our "hellos," she asked if my ears had been ringing. She planned to call me next week. She and her husband are getting divorced. She wants to talk about her options.

I don't know a word to describe fully the shock I felt at hearing her news. I loved working with this family -- they were kind, fun, thoughtful -- I envied the life they had. How could this be??

And I realized again as I have before, that I tend to get emotionally involved -- perhaps more than I should --  with my buyers and sellers. I can't help it. I just do. My job is more than just unlocking doors and pointing out this and that about a house. It's more than filling out contracts and a multitude of other paperwork. It's about helping people move on to the next chapter in their lives. And in order to do that, we get to know about the marriages, the divorces, the new baby, the new job, the job loss, the illnesses, and the deaths. More often than not friendships form.

Running into my past customer this morning reminded me that every one of us, as they say, is carrying some sort of burden. It also seemed to be a sign that, at least for now, I am to continue on this path of selling houses. 

Life happens, and it's really, really hard sometimes. But if part of my work involves helping ease that journey for others, I'd say I have a pretty good job.


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Comment balloon 5 commentsPeggy Wester • December 23 2011 02:16PM


This is so true!  I was fortunate enough the other day to come into the exact opposite situation and I am thrilled!  They had sold their home because they were separating and have since gotten back together!  I am so happy for them and so thrilled that I have a job that allows me to help people through the rough times and to celebrate the good times with them!!

Posted by Krista Abshure (Fathom Realty) over 8 years ago

Peggy, it's rare that my customer doesn't end up being part of my family, I adopt them in. This is an excerpt from one of their letters to me.  It  pretty much sums up the Realtor-Client relationships I'm in.

 "Dear Carmela, we love our home! Thank you for your patience and guidance through the sale of our  former home and purchase of our dream home.  Throughout the years you've always been there for our Real Estate needs.  We appreciate all your advice about real estate, loans and life in general. Bless you!  Know that you're always welcomed in our home..."

Posted by Carmela Jacobs, Ventura Co., Los Angeles Co., CA, & Global Realtor (Carmela Realty) over 8 years ago

I loved this post!  Recommending!

Posted by MaryKay Shumway, Door County Wisconsin's Real Estate Expert (The Kellstrom Ray Agency, Inc. (Est. 1948)) over 8 years ago

Great story, Peggy! I have to agree, we are so much more than someone who sells a house. We are a part of people entering and exiting the place the spend the most of their time and make memories. HOME!

Life IS really, really hard. And this market makes it difficult for us. But, the rewards of our work can be far greater than the old 9 to 5 grind. Merry Christmas!

Posted by Rachel Tipton (KingOne Properties International) over 8 years ago

Krista -- A happy ending -- you made my day!!

Carmela -- Wow! That is something I'd hold on to. Love receiving messages like that.

MaryKay -- Thank you for the recommendation. Merry Christmas!

Rachel -- I agree that the rewards from this job are greater than what we might get from a 9 to 5 job. Thank you for your kind words!!

Posted by Peggy Wester, Real Estate Agent Ozaukee & Washington County (Realty Executives Integrity) over 8 years ago