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What I Ask of Myself

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I recently wrote a couple blog posts, What I Ask of My Buyers and What I Ask of My Sellers. Time to turn the table on me. Here's what I ask of myself --  my check list of what I owe my buyers and sellers.

Be Honest-- Tell the truth about the current market conditions. If your house is priced higher than the market can handle, I will tell you. I will provide you with the feedback we receive from private showings and open houses, whether it's positive or negative. If your expectations of what you want in a house is not in line with your budget, I will tell you. If you need to consider a house that's not as updated as you might like, I will tell you. If you need to consider other communities to better fit your budget, I will tell you.

Be Commited -- When I begin working with you, I am committed to getting you to the closing table. As long as you share that same goal, I will commit myself to working with you and making that happen.

Show Compassion -- In this market especially, there are tough stories to hear. Job loss, divorce, bankruptcy, unexpected medical bills...I have yet to "get used" to hearing your stories. It's my job to help you through these difficult times, to listen and to show support.

Don't Judge -- Do. not. judge. This goes along with "show compassion." It's not for me or anyone else to pass judgment on why things are the way they are. It's my job to work through those and help you move on to the next chapter in your life.

Be Patient -- We're a few years into this buyer's market, but it is still difficult to swallow the effect this has had on a home's value, especially when it's your home. Sometimes it takes a little time to accept that. Sometimes it takes a while to understand the importance of pricing a house compellingly to get it sold. I'm willing to stick with you and help you sift through the statistics, the feedback and the industry reports to get you the best price we can in this or any market.

For buyers, the choices can be overwhelming. You don't know until you actually start looking at houses how overwhelming the process can be. I understand. And I will be there to answer your questions, to show you the houses you want to see, and to help you each step of the way once an offer is written.

Keep You Informed -- I will keep you informed of current market conditions, of new listings, of homes that have sold, of changes in financing requirements, of interest rates. I'll let you know of inquiries we receive on your home and of feedback we receive. Communication is key.

I guess you could call this my pledge to you. My reputation is on the line with every buyer and seller I work with, and so I do everything I can to help you reach your goal of buying or selling. Together we can do this. Working as a team, in any market, we will see each other at the closing table.


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